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1-day Intimacy in Film & TV Workshop: ARRANGED ON DEMAND – Please be in touch!

The intimacy guidelines invite open communication and transparency, putting in place a structure that allows agreement and consent of touch, and a process through which intimate content can be choreographed safely.

We will look at creating a safe environment through the use of the guidelines.

  • There will be no nakedness or nudity in this workshop
  • Please bring copy of the text, notebook and pens
  • Yoga mat, water and please wear clothes in which you can easily move in

COURSE DURATION: 10am – 5pm (please arrive by 9.45am for a 10am start)


I have gained a lot more confidence when asked to do a self-tape for an audition and have recently filmed and sent a self-tape in for a part in a play and have been successful.  – Joseph Parrish, Actor
Pia was encouraging, positive and nurturing while giving notes that helped me grow as an actor. She opened my mind to thoughts and ideas about character and context that I would not otherwise have considered. – Vanessa Owen, Actor 
Pia was always going up to them (actors) and working with them to find the essence of the scene and ultimately deliver the best performance. She creates a safe environment for the actor to work and try new things. I can truly say it was very inspiring and her passion was truly contagious for everyone in the room. – Alessandro Montalbano, Director


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