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Ted Lasso Season 3 is out now on AppleTV+. This was such a fun production and team to collaborate with!

Ted Lasso Season 3 premieres on March 15th 2023 on AppleTV+. Check out the trailer here!

First International Intimacy Coordination Conference took place 18-19th February, 2023 in Berlin, Germany. This conference brought together intimacy coordinators from around the world to discuss, exchange knowledge and promote best practice around working with intimacy in stage and screen industries in Europe. Here’s the event program.

Romantic Getaway is coming to Sky Max and Now on New Year’s Day 1st January 2023! Absolutely stunning collaboration with brilliant cast and creatives including Katherine Ryan, Romesh Ranganathan and Shaun Wilson!

Romantic Getaway

What Remains has its World Premiere at the Warsaw International Film Festival on October 14th and enters the Official Selection for International Competition. The film is directed by Ran Huang and the lead cast includes Gustaf Skarsgard, Andrea Riseborough and Stellan Skarsgard. Book your tickets here.


Girls Girls Girls (UK title for Girl Picture) had its UK launch at the end of September. The Guardian wrote a smashing review here of this European modern film with “…such a vivid, lovable triple-decker performance from Milonoff, Kauhanen and Leino”.

Film’s director, Alli Haapasalo speaks with Anna Smith in GIRLS ON FILM podcast here about representation, time after #MeToo and working with an intimacy coordinator.

“To create the choreography, I worked closely with intimacy coordinator Pia Rickman. She had wonderful techniques for creating the illusion of what was happening, and I loved the rehearsal process that she took the actors and me on. Any awkwardness people may have had went away because we simply concentrated on the narrative and how to tell it. We actually had fun figuring out the details—it is an exciting professional challenge to create a physical choreography that makes room for emotion and performance. The actors were encouraged to take part in the making of the choreography, but also encouraged to opt out any time they’d feel like it’s more of a burden than a privilege.” Alli Haapasalo in 8/22 Filmmaker Magazine

COOL, CALM, CONNECTED – Vodafone’s new TV ad, directed by Nick Davies, is out! This was a wonderful collaboration with cast & other creatives. Medical & midwife expertise was provided by wonderful Hannah Hunter & Tess McLeish.

Director: Nick Davies
Agency: Ogilvy UK
Prod co: The Sweetshop Films
Producer: Theo Youngstein

DOP: Ula Pontikos_Edit:  Owen O’Sullivan_Wardrobe: Lydia Kovacs_HMU: Lulu Hinton_Art: Theo Boswell Casting: Hammond Cox Casting

The Finnish Institute in London organises a screening of the film Tove (2020) at Rio Cinema on 21 June at 6 pm. The screening is followed by a live Q&A with the film’s producer Andrea Reuter and intimacy coordinator Pia Rickman. The film is subtitled.

Tove film screening and Q&A, 21 June at 6 pm. Rio Cinema, 107 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2PB. Tickets £10, concession £7,50. Book here. The venue is wheelchair accessible. For further accessibility information, visit the Rio Cinema’s accessibility page.

The event is organised by the Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland with the support of the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland.

In May 2022, Blockbuster Gang, a crewing company in Finland, established their first AD Bootcamp. I was asked to run a session with the junior Assistant Directors on the role of an intimacy coordinator, and how AD’s can prepare, plan and support the safe working protocol when filming intimate scenes. I look forward to many more bootcamps from this Gang in the future!

Salome at Finnish National Opera & Ballet 18.3-23.4.2022 and live stream on Thursday 7th April at 19.00 EEST:

IMG_7285 (2)
Salome/ Heikki Tuuli

After Salome’s world premiere in 1905, Richard Strauss became an opera composer whose name was on everyone’s lips. Sensational in its time, Salome was received with both wonder and shock, thanks to its theme combining religion and eroticism and its groundbreaking musical language. The one act opera is one of the most powerful and intensive representations of the genre of all time.


Alli Haapasalo’s Girl Picture in cinemas Spring 2022! Here’s the first glimpse of this beautiful feature film:


“Milonoff and Leino share irresistible chemistry, impossible to look away from as their young love blooms. Though the couple try to exist in a bubble of happiness, separate from the rest of the world, their issues remain internal and thus, inescapable. Leino is a frequent scene-stealer, wearing Emma's wounded determination on her sleeve, while Milonoff leads with endless charisma, all the more heartbreaking when her confidence falters.” SLASHFILM 26/1/22

“Girl Picture is that rare movie about female pleasure, particularly young female pleasure. There’s nothing sexually explicit on Haapasalo’s celluloid but the underlying drive to connect with someone sexually, or emotionally, is white hot nonetheless… But it’s also about something greater: about learning how to advocate for yourself, to say what you mean, and mean what you say. At any stage in your life.” SCREEN RIOT 24/1/22

“Aamu Milonoff could have chemistry with a rock, and she gives one of the best youth performances of the entire fest... Girl Picture is, in a lot of ways, girl heaven. Haapasalo loves her characters and treats them with the utmost dignity and respect despite the sticky situations they end up in. It preaches love and community and making room for yourself in your own life.” BUFFED FILMBUFFS 27/1/22

Yellow Sulphur Sky based on a novel written by Kjell Westö, directed by Claes Olsson, now in cinemas in Finland!


Mestarillinen kuvaus nuoruudesta ja kasvamisesta nousee parhaimpien kotimaisten romaanifilmatisointien joukkoon. Episodi 3/11/21

Here’s a fascinating interview between the director Zaida Bergroth and the lead actress Alma Poysti. At 26’06 Zaida and Alma discuss the intimate scenes in Tove. Leffalabra Goes Tove:

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: I run workshops, lectures and seminars online and in person. Contact me via email if you wanted to know more and/or book a chat with me. All workshops and lectures are specifically tailored to meet your individual or company needs and goals.

2-day Intimacy in Film & TV Workshop: ARRANGED ON DEMAND – Please be in touch!

Intimate scenes are often challenging for both cast and crew. Similarly to a physically violent scene which can cause external damage if not handled properly, an intimate scene can cause internal damage that is not visible to the eye. Therefore, it is important that cast and crew who are working with an intimate scene are equipped with a technique that supports open communication, transparency and consent.

During the workshop the participants will have a unique opportunity to explore new tools for their work in film, TV and theatre both through the guidelines and  practical exercises.

  • There will be no nakedness or nudity in this workshop
  • Please bring copy of the text, notebook and pens, yoga mat and water
  • Please wear clothes in which you can easily move in

COURSE DURATION: 10am – 5pm (please arrive by 9.45am for a 10am start)

Tove is now in cinemas in Finland!

“The scenes in which Tove bares it all, connecting with a loved one, are captured in the most tasteful and romantic way by Bergroth. Instead of showing what goes on in these most private events, she chooses to avoid unnecessary clichés and rather goes for the build-up, which is just as intimate. ‘Tove‘ is in ways comparable to Todd Haynes’ 2015 drama ‘Carol‘. The same sense of desire finds a balance with Bergroth’s own vision.” (Tove directed by Zaida Bergroth, produced by helsinki-filmi Oy/ IntoScreens 09/09/20)
“There is a noted dedication to showing the physicality of their love, with hands pawing at backs when they don’t yet want to part, sleepily toying with a lover’s bangs in the morning, and untying the straps of a dress, that makes their love feel tactile. The frequent scenes of intimacy never feel made for male consumption, with unobtrusive ways to avoid nudity, and body hair, that only serves as further evidence to call Tove an example of the female gaze.” (Tove/ Cinema Etc. 09/2020)

I’m excited to take part in PRESENT: Choreographing Intimacy – Trust and Boundaries in Acting on Wednesday 11th November 2020 at 5PM with fantastic colleagues!


Exciting news!

The Finnish Film Foundation has published Intimacy guidelines for audiovisual productions in October 2020. I’m excited to have been consulted on these here.


I’m thrilled to have been invited to the Finnish Film Affair as part of Helsinki International Film Festival (HIFF) to discuss Choreographing Intimacy & Initiating Change. You can find details here.



This is a workshop that must begin to be implemented in all actors’ training! I feel empowered with the knowledge I’ve gained and now move forward having full awareness of the necessary standards required for an intimate scene. Pia is warm but firm on how to approach the industry, furthermore her passion on the topic is contagious and I loved learning in this environment. This workshop was a groundbreaking revelation to me. – Grace Butler, Actor
Such an insightful session with intimacy co-ordinator @pia_rickman on intimacy and acting. Came away from it feeling a lot more positive about performing intimate scenes and with a better awareness on how to speak up when uncomfortable. And most importantly, when to say no. Charly Ayers, Actor
I have gained a lot more confidence when asked to do a self-tape for an audition and have recently filmed and sent a self-tape in for a part in a play and have been successful.  – Joseph Parrish, Actor
Pia was encouraging, positive and nurturing while giving notes that helped me grow as an actor. She opened my mind to thoughts and ideas about character and context that I would not otherwise have considered. – Vanessa Owen, Actor 
Pia was always going up to them (actors) and working with them to find the essence of the scene and ultimately deliver the best performance. She creates a safe environment for the actor to work and try new things. I can truly say it was very inspiring and her passion was truly contagious for everyone in the room. – Alessandro Montalbano, Director


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