Intimacy Coordinating

In addition to acting coaching that aims to help develop the characterisation or any specific aspect of the creative craft, I also offer intimacy coaching for intimate content in film/ tv. INTIMACY COORDINATOR choreographs and coaches actors in scenes that contain nudity, simulated sex and sexually charged (consensual or non-consensual) touching. Intimacy coordinator provides the actors as well as the crew, a safe working environment when dealing with intimate scenes. The work can be compared to a stunt coordinator who deals with fight scenes; but here an IC choreographs scenes of intimate or sexual nature.

The guidelines are now being adopted by the leading production houses around the world, including HBO, Netflix, and the BBC who are all aiming to work towards best practice. Intimacy does not only include  physical nudity but any content where an actor could feel physically or emotionally vulnerable. My job is to provide a personally safe working environment for actors & crew so that they can create artistically dangerous work for screen.

The work begins from breaking down the script; checking boundaries & nudity clause; discussions with the producer & director; consent workshop; physical characterisation & choreography; working in collaboration with wardrobe & MU and the assistant director department. The aim is to provide safe, quick and fun way to create intimate scenes without crossing personal boundaries. This is a new area of work in film & TV and I’m happy to discuss things further over the phone or in person if you should be interested.

Here you can find Intimacy on Set guidelines.

Recently in media: Finland’s first Intimacy Coordinator

Article in HowlRound 01/2020 on the art and craft of the intimacy practitioner. Article The Guardian 10/2019 on Intimacy Coordinator’s role: Safe sex on set; the Rise of the intimacy coaches. Article on Intimacy Coordination in VanityFair 08/2019: Intimacy Coordinators are changing the sex scenes for good. Article in Cosmopolitan 05/2019 on Intimacy coaching in BBC series Gentleman Jack.


Here’s a video that demonstrates intimacy on set guidelines in practice: Staged sex; how an intimacy coordinator works on set.

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